Aish Tel Aviv

Aish Tel Aviv offers Tel Aviv’s brightest and most socially active professionals, business leaders and entrepreneurs programs of Jewish education, deepening their Jewish knowledge and encouraging them to further exercise leadership and engage in Tikkun Olam.

Aish Tel Aviv gives  young couples before and during their first few years of marriage Jewish wisdom to build  a more flourishing and strong relationship.
Since its founding in Tel Aviv, Aish has tremendously enriched Jewish life in the city, inspiring thousands of Israel’s leaders, fostering numerous fruitful dialogues between religious and nonreligious individuals and groups, and educating thousands of Israeli couples of Jewish wisdom for marriage bliss.

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    “Aish Tel Aviv is
    home to me.”

    Nofar Sha’al Valensi
    28, Interior Designer,
    Real Estate Project Manager


    “Thank you, Aish HaTorah for the good work you do and the message you put out.  I could have used you in my life 25 years ago.”

    Steven Spielberg
    Good man

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    “Aish HaTorah means to me the passion of Torah, the passion of teaching, the passion of learning.  The study of the Torah, the source of Jewish values, is the way to Jewish survival.”

    Eli Wiesel,
    Nobel Prize Laureate


There are three main pillars of Aish Tel Aviv work:



Working to ensure Israelis have access to the fundamentals of Jewish wisdom. Our innovative educational programs are given by our best speakers and mentors in our centers and in prominent offices throughout the city.

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Providing a new generation of Israeli brightest professionals with skills to be effective leaders of the Jewish and wider community committed to Tikkun Olam and to Jewish Peoplehood in Israel and beyond.

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Offering exclusive opportunities to engage in ethical discussions with top industry executives and peers from a variety of industries as well as with government officials and business and social entrepreneurs.

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  • testimonies-5

    “Aish HaTorah has
    become a remarkably
    energetic and effective
    force for the
    transmission of the
    Jewish heritage.”

    Chaim Herzog,
    Former President of Israel

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    “Thank you, Aish HaTorah
    for the good work you do
    and the message you put
    out. I could have used
    you in my life
    25 years ago.”

    Steven Spielberg
    film director, producer, screenwriter

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    “I love Aish. They are reaching out
    and teaching not just about
    Jewish history and tradition,
    but they instill a pride in being
    Jewish.  I appreciate not only
    the religious tenacity, but also
    their national pride, which to me
    are really inseparable
    aspects of Jewish identity.”

    Danny Ayalon,
    Israeli diplomat, columnist


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